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The 54th Union Day of Tanzania was celebrated

At Cyprus International University CIU), on the independence day for international students, that is celebrated anually, this time  the union day of the United Republic of Tanzania was celebrated. Tanzania, which was located in the middle eastern region of Africa, originated from the first syllable of the Tanganyika and Zanzibar countries and formed Tanzania on April 26th.

With celebrations organized by the CIU International Center, this year the 54th Independence Day of the United Republic of Tanzania was celebrated. The Independence Day celebrations, which started with the presentation of Tanzania's unification with Zanzibar and Pemba islands, continued with the introduction videos of the Tanzania. Tanzanian students performed local music performances and dance performances with local costumes and akapella concert as part of the "Tanzania Union Day".

Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri pointed out the importance of the diplomas the Tanzanian students will be awarded and said "Everything is for Cyprus International University and our students".

Tanzanian students as well as students from many cultures participated in the ceremony held at the CIU Çevik Uraz Center Conference Hall. At the end of the celebration, the local food of Tanzania were distributed.

Last updated: 11-05-2018