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"54. Library Week" Events Started at CIU

'54. Library Week' organised by The Library Directorate and the Library Club, Cyprus International University (CIU) began with the opening ceremony.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, The Rector of CIU said they have been following a concept of librarianship at international standards as CIU and he added libraries contribute to human life, experience and socio-cultural knowledge.

Nadiri pointed out that "During the 54. library week, organising various events, CIU, which is a science and education institution, is doing its best for raising awareness". Halil Nadiri said that a cultural congress centre, which its preliminary plan has already been completed, will be built in 5 years’ time. He said "It is also our goal to build a large library within the centre".

Bekircan Gök, the Director of the Library Club, stated that not only book-related activities are held during the library week but also to connect people and book lovers with the library by means of music, art and technology to create awareness.

Within the framework of the "Library Week" activities, students and academics will be awarded "the most readers of students" and "the most readers of academics" prizes.

In addition to the interview to be organized with Canan Tan to bring together the famous writer and the CIU academics and students, "Unforgettable: Visit to the 5th Traditional Bulent Ecevit Rehabilitation Centre", "5. Books and Library Supports Severe Support "," 6. Conventional Children's Oncology Love Visit "and" LTB Latin Orchestra "activities will be held.

The 54. Library Week activities will end with the “9. Traditional Book Transmission Time" event that will take place in the Büyük Han.

Last updated: 10-04-2018