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52. General Meeting of UCTCEA Chamber of Architects was hosted by CIU

52. General Meeting of Cyprus Turkish Civil Engineer Architects Chamber of Architects (UCTCEA) was hosted by CIU.

The task distribution was done at the first meeting by the board of directors established at the general meeting held at Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, CIU. At the board of directors meeting under the chairmanship of Türker Aktaç, Erzim Uluğ was appointed as the secretary, Kozan Uzunoğlu as the accountant, and Simru Kaya and Ferruh Dülgeroğlu as active members and İpek Yaralıoğlu and Gizem Öztürk were appointed as the substitute members. Hüseyin Erdoğdu and Emine Azimli are appointed as the Supervisory Board members.

After presenting activity and financial reports, they were presented for approval. Türker Aktaç, the 51. President of the Chamber of Architects said they had important activities in 2 years and they have got a new vision for the Chamber of Architects. Aktaç also pointed out that 400 vocational trainings were given within the scope of the project entitled "Constructing Continuous Professional Development Program and Proficiency Assessment System" within the Chamber of Architects for 400 different architects.

Türker Aktaç also stated that the aim is to increase the architectural education to five years as a result of the academic board meetings held with faculty of architectures and the head of the faculties. He said "This will be a milestone in the history of the chamber of architects”. As a result of the presidential elections held after the speech, Türker Aktaç was re-elected as the 52nd Chamber of Architects.

Last updated: 21-03-2018