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4th National Internal Disease Nursing Education Workshop that has an international participation is hosted by CIU

Departments of Nursing and Internal Disease Nursing, School of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University are hosted "4. National Disease Nursing Education Workshop ".

Prof. Dr. Feray Gökdoğan, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences says that she ‘s honoured to announce that the fourth of the workshop series is performed on 26-28 April 2018 at CIU.

Prof. Dr. Gökdoğan believes that the results of the workshop aims to contribute to the field of Internal Disease Nursing and she adds that "By bringing together scientists conducting research in the field of health sciences, we aim to bring new debates on the issues of Internal Disease Nursing Education."

Gökdoğan states that four sessions are held in the workshop and she points out that Models of Nursing Theoreticians that are used in the training of the internal disease and the profiles of Internal Disease Nursing Lecturers are discussed at the workshop groups.

Feray Gökdoğan also states that the quality of the lecturers of Internal Diseases Nursing and prioritised clinical applications and theoretical lectures, communication with students, identifying situations of how to develop themselves academically and suggestions for solutions are all presented at these workshop groups.

Gökdoğan says "At the workshop there is also presentations on the creation of electronic registration systems at hospitals and training on simulations."

The Dean, Prof. Dr. Feray Gökdoğan says about 60 faculty members from various universities from Turkey and the TRNC are hosted at the 4. National Training Workshop on Internal Disease Nursing that has an international participation and she states that the invited participants find opportunities to get to know the TRNC and the CIU through social programs besides the scientific program.

Last updated: 09-05-2018