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"3D Calls in Early Childhood Education and Reflections from us" exhibition was done by The Pre-school Teaching Department, CIU

The exhibition called "3D Calls in the Early Childhood Education and Reflections from Us" was organized by the Pre-school Teaching Department, the Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU) as part of the "Creativity and Development" and "Introduction to the Pre-School Education" courses.

During the exhibition, the students presented their projects and performances at the end of the semester. Lecturer, Emine Bayram, who was the moderator of the event, described the exhibition as the design and implementation of the different, creative, effective, entertaining and instructive educational processes. Specialist Emine Bayram noted that there were two types of works in the exhibition. One of them was within the scope of the Creativity and Development Course and the other one was related to the Introduction to the Pre-School Education Course. Bayram noted that in the pre-school education entrance course designs of mobile pre-school education tools to reach the indoor, outdoor, educational institution surroundings and unreachable sections of pre-school education institutions were exhibited.

Expert Emine Bayram, who also gave information about the "Reflections from Us", which is another work, said that it was done as part of the course of ‘Creativity and Improvement’ and they carried a study that involves three dimensional, moveable, touchable and light reflections.

Expert Emine Bayram noted that public spots, banners and videos were used in both workshops in which the body language was used and she said “We aimed to make the students use their imagination. She said that she was involved in space design by developing creative ideas about what is lacking from the current schools and how they can be removed.”

Last updated: 23-01-2018