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In cooperation with the Directorate General of International Center and Sport Affairs, the second Sports Festival which was organized this year was enjoyable at Cyprus International University (CIU).

In the event, the opening was in the CIU  Arena Indoor Sports Hall and became a traditional event, about 16 countries from different branches were represented. The opening speech of the festival, where competitions are held in sports such as table tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, chess, Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri said, "In this festival where students coming from different countries will be competing with our sporting event, it is our brotherhood and winning together." Professor Dr.Nadiri, in addition to competing he underlined that friendship and fraternity should be enjoyed from the activity.

"Such competitions play an important role in improving your self."

For a university student, he emphasized that only the classrooms and laboratories received education and training  will not be enough and  Rector.Prof. Dr. Nadiri, said that "Competition to take place in your life in the future will play an important role in improving your own competitions and cultural activities, taking your intellectual capacity to the next level."

Following the opening ceremony of the festival, the competition with the CIU academicians and assistants who came face to face in the soccer match, was a fun minute scene. The participation and interest of the students in the organized sports festival was great.



Last updated: 28-09-2017