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The "2nd Psychology Festival" was held at CIU

"2nd Psychology Festival" was organized by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Psychology Department and Psychology Club.  In the festival, in addition to the conversation with the psychologist Ferhat Aydın, many other activities that the students of the psychology department contributed also took part.

Psychologist Ferhat Aydin, in his speech with the title of "Extraordinary Career: Create Career Yourself", advised students to go towards the career they want in order not to feel regret in the future. Ferhat Aydın stated that the students should feed their intellectual selves by reading books and he advised students to do internships in various institutions, to be open to innovations and to be in different environments and gain experience.

Elanur Altuntaş, the head of the psychology club, stated that they organized the 2nd Psychology Festival this year and they had a pleasant and beneficial time with the psychology students. Apart from the organized conversation, Altuntaş also explained that Psychology department students prepared poster and brochure works and she also expressed that some students animated on a topic in company with 'psychodrama'. Elanur Altuntaş stated that the festival was organized to contribute to the integration of psychology students and to raise awareness, and said that such activities will continue in the future.

Last updated: 04-06-2018