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The 2016-2017 academic year of Cyprus International University(CIU) started with the first lesson delivered by the president, Mustafa AKINCI.

President Mustafa AKINCI, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rector Prof. Dr. Halil NADİRİ, vice rectors, the adviser to the rector and the academic staff attended the opening ceremony of the university held in the Çevik Uraz Conference Hall. The first lesson of the new academic year was preceded by a one minute of silence and the singing of the national anthem.

Rector Prof. Dr. Halil NADİRİ, who made the opening speech of the event, gave information about the vision of CIU and the relevant activity.

Nadiri: We start the new academic year with the 125 associate, graduate and post-graduate (Masters and PhD) degree programmes.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, who said CIU will start the new academic year with ten faculties, seven schools,  including the new school of Physical Education and Sports and with 125 associate, graduate and post-graduate (Masters and PhD) degree programmes in total, pointed out that CIU continues to develop with eleven 11 new programmes opened in 2016. These programmes consist of two associate, six graduate and three master’s degree programmes.

Stating that CIU provides a multicultural environment for approximately 15,000 students from 100 diverse countries, Rector Prof. Dr. Nadiri emphasized that the number of students which was nearly 7500 after the spring semester graduation of the 2014-2015 academic year increased a hundred percent in a short time.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, who stressed the importance of the physical development of Cyprus International University, said that in addition to the Science and technology building under construction, the One-Stop building which will meet the administrative needs of students in one building will soon be in service.

“Sustainable success is possible with investment in quality issues.”

Prof. Dr. Nadiri, who said CIU is a university that gives importance to international accreditation processes with respect to the vision that sustainable success is possible with investment in quality issues, pointed out the engineering programs had been accredited by MÜDEK; the programmes of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty by MİAK; the Business Administration Department of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences by FIBAA. He added that the accreditation processes of the Faculty of Education by EPDAD, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences by FEDEK, the School of Foreign Languages by PEARSON ASSURED, and the School of Tourism and Hotel Management and the School of Applied Sciences by FIBAA will be carried out in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Akıncı:I am glad to deliver the first lesson of the CIU 2016-2017 academic year and share it with you.”

Starting his speech by wishing CIU a happy new academic year, President Mustafa AKINCI stated that he was delighted to deliver such an important first lecture at CIU. President Mustafa AKINCI touched upon the history of Cyprus, and the processes of the negotiations and resolution. He stated that Northern Cyprus as mono-communal republic remains unrecognized by the world because Cyprus has been recognized as a bi-communal country since 1963.

Mustafa AKINCI went on to say after taking office in 2015 and during his tenure as president for sixteen months, there had been specific headings to be dealt with such as ‘administration and power sharing’, ‘ property’ ‘economy’ and ‘the European Union’. He mentioned that new headings were added to these four-agreed headings and said that they had reached a consensus on ‘administration and power sharing’, ‘property’ ‘economy’, ‘the European Union’. Stating that ‘security’, ‘guarantees’, ‘land issues were the new headings added to the existing ones, Mustafa Akıncı said, “as of tomorrow, we will start negotiations again but if we cannot reach a political agreement by the end of 2017, everything will be more difficult”.

Akıncı, who said the Cyprus subject matter reached saturation point, made a remark that today the Cyprus issue is more difficult to deal with than it was 12 years ago. Touching upon the potential dangers that will arise if they fail to reach a consensus by the end of 2016, President Akıncı pointed out that they must reach an agreement from which both sides will benefit.

The opening ceremony of the 2016-2017 academic year of Cyprus International University ended with the chair of the Board of Trustees, Mete BOYACI and Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri giving a commemorative plaque’ to President Mustafa AKINCI.


Last updated: 04-10-2016