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1st of August the Social Resistance Day reflects the Turkish Cypriots Struggle for Freedom

Vasifiye Karabıyık from the Special Education Department, Faculty of Education of Cyprus International University said that the 1st of August the Social Resistance Day reflects the Turkish Cypriots Struggle for Freedom.

Karabıyık stated that on this date Cyprus was conquered by the Turks, the Turkish Resistance Organization was established and the anniversary of the Security Forces Command and it is celebrated as the Social Resistance Day.

Karabıyık stated that the island was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1571 and remained in the rule of Turks for centuries. However, during the Ottoman Russian War on the condition that they leave the island Britain had rented the island from the Ottoman Empire, however, they did not leave Cyprus until the end of World War II.

Karabıyık relayed that practices were done for common governance between the Turkish Cypriots and Greeks and she stated that no success was achieved at this point.

Karabıyık stated that Greeks saw the Turks as a minority dependent to them and they applied pressure. However, Turks fought against the treatment of Greeks and started to get organized.

Lecturer Vasfiye Karabıyık stated Turkey did a military intervention to the island on July 20th, 1974 and she said "a support was provided for the Turkish Cypriots with the aim of gaining their independence."

Karabıyık pointed out that there are three important historical facts about the existence of Turks on the island and she said " Turkish sovereignty started on the 1st August 1571. The Turkish Resistance Organization, which was established on the 1st August, 1958, was converted to the Security Forces Command on the 1st August 1976. So the 1st of August is celebrated as the anniversary of these three important events as Social Resistance Day."

Last updated: 29-08-2018