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The 103th Anniversary Celebration of Çanakkale Victory was celebrated at CIU

A seminar on "An Epic of the Dardanelles" was organized by the Club of Atatürk’s Thought by the International Development Center of Cyprus International University (CIU).

Prof. Dr. Derviş Kılınçkaya, who made a speech at a seminar organized for the 103rd anniversary of the Çanakkale Victory, explained students that they should be the individuals who own their countries and he emphasized that there will be times that they will need to do sacrifices for the countries.

Kılınçkaya advised students that "You should try to be the best in your field" and emphasized the importance of preparing themselves for the future.

Derviş Kılınçkaya emphasized that "the nation is a continuity" during his speech and he added that every generation should possess their nation even more from the previous generation. Prof. Dr. Kılıçkaya pointed out the fact that when an individual does something for himself this is not just for himself and he said "What you make live will have traces both for your family and society".

Kadir Çiçek, the Head of the Club of Atatürk's Thought said that they got together to convey better understanding and explanation of Çanakkale Epic and he expressed that they commemorate Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends with respect.

Last updated: 06-04-2018