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IT Services

Internet Access

A high-capacity internet connection provided for the campus is delivered to each point important part of the campus, both via cable and wirelessly with the help of a strong hotspot network infrastructure installed all around the campus. Each student in the dormitory rooms benefits from hassle-free internet services 24 hours/day through personal internet lines provided to them.


E-mail Address

All students, or in other words users of the OIB system, are provided school e-mail addresses. These addresses are formed from their student account names. For example: the email address for a student, whose number is 19970093, is 19970093@student.ciu.edu.tr. Writing https://student.ciu.edu.tr to the address bar of any web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) allows access to this service. Writing the user name and password into the new opening page to manage the e-mail address is sufficient. Logging onto the https://student.ciu.edu.tr page and selecting `Preferences`-`Change Password` is sufficient in order to modify the assigned user password. Users must keep the old password to create the new one. New passwords should be a minimum 8 characters, and should be formed with a combination of numbers and letters in English. It is suggested that users change their password regularly. CIU also provides SMTP and POP3 support about e-mail for advanced users to use this service more efficiently. The required server name is mail.ciu.edu.tr.


Message List – Newsletter Feeds

Message lists and Newsletter feeds provide easy communication via e-mail among people who are interested in a specific topic. The members of a message list are able to send and receive messages to other members. All messages that are sent to the list are distributed to all the members. An application form given to the CIU Computer Center Directorate is enough and necessary to create a new message list on any topic.


Wireless Internet Connection (WiFi)

Wireless hotspot internet connections are available in the computer room on the ground floor of the IT center building, in the library, in the common area of the Hilarion-Kantara dormitory buildings, in the common area of apart type buildings, in the faculty buildings and in the cafe and pastry shop in the student union center.


Access to Electronic Databases 

In accordance with the license agreements of the database providers, access to electronic databases our university has subscribed to is restricted to the campus. In order access these databases from outside the campus’ network, a proxy server has been installed. This server can be used with user name and password authentication provided upon request and authorization by the Computer Center Directorate. Academic staff of the university must fill in a form, print it out and sign it. They are then required to apply personally to the IT Center in order to benefit from this service. Applications that are not made personally will not be taken into consideration.


 CIU Regulations For The Use Of Information Technology Resources


CC Computer Hall allows students to benefit from CIU information technology resources and internet communication with 83 personal computers seven days a week an average of 16 hours a day. 


                 Working Hours

Monday-Thurday            08:30 – 00:00

Friday                             08:00 – 22:00

Saturday                        10:00 – 22:00

Sunday                          10:00 – 00:00


Last updated: 08-02-2018