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Course Registration Process Announcement

Dear Students,

Those students who were unable to complete their registrations on the specified dates on the academic calendar for various reasons, must complete all registration procedures by the end of working hours on 29th March 2019. After the specific date, failure to register may result in problems with the pursuance of courses, absence of courses and being unsuccessful in courses as well as the TRNC immigration procedures. Therefore, students who do not register their courses by the end of working hours (17:00) on March 29th, 2019, will be required to freeze their registration for 2018-2019 Spring Semester.  In such cases, students cannot benefit from the regular rights of students but only freezing the registration. These students will not be eligible to attending courses or taking exams.

In order to assist you, the academic staff will follow up on the records of students regularly in the courses they give until March 29th, 2019. Those who attend courses without any course registration and/or are not on the course attendance list, will be informed about the issues above.  Those who do not complete their course registration after the specified date and who are not on the exam list will not be allowed to participate in exams and their performance will not be evaluated in any way for the course. The only exception to this is for newly registered students who register at the university in the Spring Semester of the 2018-2019 Academic Year.
These students may benefit from a late registration opportunity due to visa procedures. 

It is important for students to complete their registrations by the March 29th, 2019, in order not to face any problems.

Last updated: 15-03-2019