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CIU Idea Factory

We are currently planning to build an on campus innovation center where students will have a chance to freely work on their ideas and will create, explore, tinker, innovate, gain abilities, learn and share. A creativity platform where students will be active learners and share knowledge and perspective with students from all disciplines at the same time have a chance to work together with industry to further their practical experiences.

Within the center we plan to include;

  • Maker & hacker spaces that contain machinery and tools required for students to tinker, design, and prototype what they imagine. With makerspaces we would like to empower students to be creative, explore, try and to learn new skills in a safe environment that supports failure.
  • Various workshops to teach production and promote creativity.
  • Multidisciplinary working environments where students from various fields can work together, learn from each other and widen their perspectives.
  • Multimedia spaces where students can do research and design development of their ideas.
  • Flexible designed multipurpose informal lecture classes, workshop spaces and group working areas.
  • Library, meeting rooms, event spaces and etc.

We aim to develop the creative abilities of our students and to help them think outside the box with a sustainability point of view.

We believe academicians are a vital part of this project. If you would like to join our team and contribute to the development of this project with your knowledge and ideas, please send an email until 23.03.2018 and we will get in contact with you.


Last updated: 09-03-2018