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Salim Mbarouk Salim
Business Administration’17


Q: Hello Salim,  after graduating from Cyprus International University (CIU), you decided to have masters degree at the University of Nottingham. At the end of this journey, you won ‘President’s Most Outstanding Masters Graduate Award’. Firstly, we would like to congratulate you for your success. Could you please tell us about yourself briefly and then your achievement? 
A: Thank you very much. My name is Salim Mbarouk Salim, I am a current alumni of both CIU and Nottingham University. I graduated my Degree in Business Administration from Cyprus international University and decided to begin my MSc right away in any university that is within the TOP 100 univeristy globally, so i ended up in Nottingham University. 
Luckily for me, i had a strong foundation of business in academics and its practical side of business which i had learned from CIU while i was studying there, so when i started my MSc in Nottingham i fit right in. And while i was studying there i have been honoured with several awards including Negotiating Assistant Award, Entrepreneurship and Enginuity Award and during my graduation i was honoured to be given the Presidents Most Outstanding Masters graduate award, which was given based on excellent Academic performance as well as public and social excellence. 
Q: What was your study about? And how do you feel about having an award? 
A: At Nottingham University, I studied Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. Which equips the new wave of entrepreneurs with the right practical knowledge on how to use innovation to set themselves apart from other entrepreneurs, and the program is quiet successful as 2 alumni before my year have been named in the forbes list Africa and Asia. It is an intense program but it was exciting. 
I was very humbled and honoured to recieve the award because the univeristy has full of exceptional students with solid willpower to succeed, but for the university to pick me out of a group of more than 300 Graduates was an honour. The award was presented to me by the Best Chinese Physician called Professor Yang Fujia, who is a renowned physician, an author and the President of Nottingham University İn Ningbo China. 
Q: We would like to talk about your feelings and experiences about CIU. Would you like to tell us what were the most important factors for you in choosing to study at CIU? And are you happy with your choice?
A: Absolutely, my arrival at CIU was completely a fluke, i came to the university because my sister (Fatma Mbarouk Salim- Alumni, Electrical & Electronic Engineering) was there and she recommended me to come there as well. But once i arrived i fell in love with the surroundings of the island, the safety that the island assured, the culture of the people and their hospitality and most importantly i fell in love with my faculty. The faculty had lecturers who were eager to see you succeed just as much as you’d like to see yourself succeed, but only if you show them that you are dedicated. 
From the Dean of the faculty, at that time, to the Head of Department, an even lecturers, all are willing to listen to you if you need to talk about business or any entrepreneurial Project. The whole Faculty was there to help. And i managed to get into a top University for my masters because of the help i recieved from the faculty. 
Q: What is your most unforgettable memory and people during your University life?
A: I was a very active student when i was studying in CIU. The fondest memory i have of my time in CIU, was in 2016, when I, and my team of 2 others were the only team from Northern Cyprus and Turkey to reach the Hult Prize Business Competition. The competition had 25,000 Applicants and we were the lucky few who made it to the regional finals which were held in Dubai. The competition was designed to collect only the best business ideas, therefore only top Universities such as Harvard, Duke, Cambridge attended the competition.The fact that we attended as representatives from Cyprus International University was an honour. And this experience rekindled my desire to reach the top, regardless of which institution i come from. And we were the finalist. Again, the faculty of business had a lot to do with this success, as they presented this opportunity to us in classes, and helped us practice through out the preparatory stage. 
Q: How have your studies in CIU contribute to you in attaining your career? 
A: I am currently the CEO and Founder of SPH-SALIM’S PREFAB HOUSING COMPANY. And i was abled to accumulate a team of capable individuals to work with, and all of them are CIU graduates from different departments such as Achitecture (Said Ally Asbawi), Information Systems (Victor Deo) and Business Administration (Nabeel Salum). 
Now, the point is, CIU does not only give you the knowledge needed in pursuing your careers, but also, it surrounds you with capable individuals whom you can use as valuable connections in doing business in the near future. If one utilizes both the knowledge given in class and the connections around campus, then they are climbing the lader of reaching their goals. 
Q: What are your plans and expectations for the future? 
 A: The plan is to continue running my business and see it to success, and do the best i can to uplift my society, particularly the youth, by providing employment opportunities. So as to boost our Tanzanian economy by keeping the working class productive. 
Q: Lastly, what would you like to emphasize when recommending CIU to others?A: CIU is a place where dreams are underlined and are initiated. It is a place where everyone is given a chance to fit in. But nothing will work in one’s way unless hard work is put in.
And i would like to emphasize on one thing, It is important to pursue business endevours, but it is much more significant to pursue all round excellence. So for any prospecting students, do not drop your books to chase Money, you can still be academically outstanding and still pursue business with the same energy. TRNC through CIU is the perfect place to study and ponder on career options.  
Last updated: 20-12-2018