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Settle Fee Payments at the Bank

Students will be able to make their payments as stated below in detail:

Students, who want to pay tuition and / or other fees to the University, can go to a Garanti Bank, Ziraat Bank or Nova Bank (in TRNC) branches and pay their fees.

1. Institution Code 
The institution code for Garanti Bank is 3536. Please use the institution code of New Island Education Ltd. for your transactions, if you intend to make payment from a Garanti Bank branches. 

2. Paying Fees

a. Students are required to pay their fees to a Nova Bank Branches, Garanti Bank (Branches to Institution Payment/ATM/Online/Garanti Mobile/Virtual POS/ Mobile POS) and Ziraat Bank (Branches/ATM/Mobile/Internet)

b. Students will have discount if they pay their annual fee in advance.

c. Virtual POS payment fees can be paid using your credit card after logging in to CIU-SIS.

d. Fee payments can be made in addition to the above methods by EFT or wire transfer to the following account numbers.

All wired transfer or EFT payments must include the student number and name of the student in the explanation section.

Euro Account (for Domestic Deposit)

Bank Name:

Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş.

Branch Name:

KKTC Lefkoşa

Account Name:

New Island Education Ltd.

Account Type:


Branch Code:


Account Number:



TR16 0006 2000 4930 0009 0806 60

Swift Code:


EURO Account (Only from TRNC and on-campus payment)

Name of Bank:

NovaBank Ltd.

Branch Name:

Lefkoşa Merkez 

Account No:


  • For instalments payable to the University; the figures on the debt note, which will be organized by the student accounting office and signed by the parent, must be paid fully without delay on the instalment dates. In case of delay in payments, the overdue interest will be applied on the related amount.
  • The deposit fee, which must be paid in addition to the dormitory accommodation fee, shall be deposited into the Euro account.
Last updated: 11-09-2018