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You can apply to our Undergraduate or Graduate programs online using the links below. Please fill in your details correctly and upload all the required documents in the last page of the application form.

If you are working with an educational agency,or one of our regional representatives, please contact them and ask for their ‘Agent Code’, which you will need to fill in the last page of the application form.

If you are applying yourself, you do not need to select an ‘Agent Code’. Please do not send your applications via e-mail or post. Please do not send original documents by mail as these cannot be returned.

Our International Office will contact you or your agent shortly after you complete your application.

Undergraduate Programs –> Apply Online Click

Graduate Programs –> Apply Online Click

International Summer Academy –> Apply Online Click

For further information;

        E-mail : for Eastern and Western Africa: africa-admin@ciu.edu.tr
  for Central and Southern Africa: africa@ciu.edu.tr
      for Middle East and North Africa : world@ciu.edu.tr
  for CIS countries : cis@ciu.edu.tr
  for Central Asia : cis-admin@ciu.edu.tr
  for South Asia : southasia@ciu.edu.tr
  for East Asia : world-admin@ciu.edu.tr


Last updated: 12-07-2018