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From the Director

The CIU Vocational School includes Computer Programming, Radio and Television Programming, Public Relations and Advertising, Hair Care and Beauty Services, Accounting and Taxation Practices, Interior Design and Architectural Restoration programs that operate in theoretical courses studied in various job areas and practical courses offered in computer laboratories and related studios. Those students, graduating from our associate departments, may continue their education on undergraduate departments. In order that our students may seek employment in the listed areas the aim of the school is to educate them to associate level under the tutelage of our highly educated, professional staff that has knowledge of foreign languages, computer usage, management skills and entrepreneurship.

The aim of our Vocational School is to help students become educated for their working life in all sectors of business and industry where they will be successful and self confident professional staff using their skills in social working life knowing how to act in the service, production and working environments.

In this aspect, we aim to educate students to be able to compete in national and international areas where information and technology are developing rapidly. Our graduates will certainly have great opportunities to succeed in careers in social, cultural and economic situations and will be able to start working life immediately.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erbuğ Çelebi

Director of Vocational School