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Public Relations and Advertising


CIU’s Public Relations and Advertising Course educates professionals to be expert in the field of corporate communication and management in all aspects of public relations. Additional courses ensure that our students become skilled in the areas of desktop publishing, design, applications of digital communication and the internet and multimedia. Students’ practice skills are developed with workshops and projects. The purpose of the Course, within the framework of integrated marketing, is to train communicators in the areas of creativity, strategies, branding and research. In the context of advertising the Course instructs students about advertising – what it is, how it works in various media environments and how it was created. There are modules that allow students to monitor developments in the evolution of the advertising industry. They are instructed about the affects of advertising by using sociology and psychology. Students are prepared for their professional working lives through a curriculum that uses theory, practice and projects in domestic and foreign institutions. Our Course analyses the needs of the sector and educates students to be ready for their career opportunities that include the possible transfer to other university’s related undergraduate programmes or to work as specialists in advertising, public relations, business marketing communication or media planning. Graduates can work as writers, producers, customer representatives, researchers, strategic planners, consultants or communication regulators, media planners, company product buyers, brand managers, in political parties or in civil society organisations.

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