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Interior Design

About the Program 

The main objectives of the Interior Design Associate Degree Program are to develop original designs that belong to the culture and traditions of the society by integrating the functionality and usability, interdisciplinary cooperation in technical and art fields, have the ability to think analytically, to educate knowledgeable and responsible individuals on space design related to ethical values.

In addition to these, the objectives of the Interior Design Associate program are to improve the quality of life of the individual, encourage the public to create areas that will protect health, safety and well-being, thus educate students at the undergraduate level equipped with the professional knowledge, to educate designers in businesses that do not have qualifications. The language of instruction is Turkish of the two-year program.


Educational Opportunities 

To be able to give students good education during the two years education; technical and scientific studies are integrated.

While the technical competence of the students is provided during the education, at the same time, information about the comfort conditions and aesthetic values are also provided to meet the physical and emotional requirements of the students. To accomplish these aims, in addition to the classrooms and studios, there are a total of 5 workshops. These; are Model Studio, Photo Studio, Material Workshop, Serigraphy Studio, 3D Impression and Screening Studio.

The entrance hall and the corridors in the faculty are used as exhibition spaces. In addition, the entrance gallery of the CIU Library building is used as an exhibition space. There are 3,899 publications in the CIU Library about the Interior Design program.


Career Areas

Individuals, who graduate from the Interior Design Associate Program, can work at an interior architecture-architecture firm; at an interior lighting, furniture, exhibition space design, TV studio and film set design sections. They can also take part in renovation of old structures and restoration projects. Areas such as showrooms, fair exhibitions, professional markets, stage design, and furniture design are also areas where Associate Degree Graduates of Interior Design can work. This Department, which trains intermediate staff for the sector, will make positive contributions to the economy of the country and it shows a positive structure in terms of the changes in the definition of professional staff. In addition, students who graduate from The Interior Design Program can also benefit from the opportunity to progress academically in a 4 year programme such as Interior Architecture. 



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