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Hair Care and Beauty Services

This programme is aimed to train professional staff members. Hair Care and Beauty Services are based on our periods technological developments, the customers priority is firstly aimed. They will have the techniqual interest knowledge and they will have the talence to be able to do profession, having creativity, modernity, investigating, who will want to develop and contribute the country and their profession, who will follow the developments and will self renew, will have original opinions and will be able to solve the individual consciousness with the four yeard associated graduate programme.

During the two years of education, our students will mainly be focused in practice on, hair

care and hair make, facial, techniques of make – up, techniques of massage, depilation and epilation, hands and feet care, and hair and make – up designings on computer and beyond this theorists upon cosmetic products, and Anatomy and Physiology courses will be given in this programme.

The students who will graduate from the Hair Care and Beauty Services programme can find job opportunities in as “hair designer and estheticians” in a hair dresser salon with beauty centres. “As a make – up artist,” on stage, television, theatre and studios. “As a Spa therapist” at Spa and hotels. At cosmetic selling centres and as a profession and a manager they can take place in a lot of areas in product and producing product business services. They can also work as an instructor at the need of private and state educational institutions.

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