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Architectural Restoration

About the Program 

The aim of this two-year degree Architectural Restoration Programme is to enable the students to gain knowledge and skills on protecting the historical places and listed architectural heritage and producing protective solutions for them; and to provide a specialization on 3D visualisation and computer aided applications. Besides, it is aimed to raise qualified technical staff who will take place in passing on the cultural heritages to next generations.  The vision of the programmme is based on educating and training experts who are aware of the importance of cultural heritages, and who take professional ethics and values into consideration.  Cyprus International University  Architectural Restoration Programme is prepared with the collaboration of Department of Architecture in Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture.  The programme is integrated to the collaborative works of Department of Architecture with the national and international institutions. 


Educational Opportunities 

Architectural Restoration Programme is based on two year educational curriculum.  Courses are organised as theoretical, practical and restoration projects.  The subjects cover how to protect the historical / architectural heritage from single building to group of buildings in urban scale; alternative functional solutions for those of buildings while they are integrated and gained for the todays and next generations life; conventional and modern technics, technologies and materials.  The existing buildings are examined in conventional construction courses; redevelopment of existing buildings are thoughed in restoration and conservation courses; building surveying project courses are the integration of all of those knowledge on architectural projects.  Besides the professional knowledge based courses the history of architecture and elective courses are placed within the curriculum to extend the students knowledge on the field.


Career Areas 

Architectural restoration is aprofession which connects the past and the future; and especialy in terms of architectural characteristics it is a profession to protect and keep traditional or any other architecturaly listed buildings.  Students who complete the all theoretical and practical courses and professional trainings are ready to entitled as Architectural Restorations Technician.  By this they can find a working atmosphere in both state and private sectors in which architectural restoration projects are carried on.  Our country is very much rich in terms of architectural heritage and restoration and conservation projects.  This will provide a vast opportunity for aour graduates to find an appropriate job and to involve the sector.



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