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About the Program 

Law and justice for a society are like breathing; if we do not realize how we breathe while everything is on the way, the rule of law functions in a real sense, but we feel its existence and trust only. The existence and continuity of the state of law is closely related to the existence of honest, virtuous and respectable jurists who are well-acquainted with the law, adhered to it wholeheartedly and never separated from justice. We aim to educate the students who are happy with collecting, and who are happy with their professions while they do this. Associate Degree Program in Justice; the principle of life and self-learning in the knowledge of the honesty, justice and ethics required by the legal profession, which has adopted indispensable principles such as democracy, secularism, social state and rule of law, which can solve simple legal problems with the basic concepts of law and methodology, service personnel.


Educational Opportunities

In the schools of justice, the theoretical and practical information is given to the students considering the qualifications required by the justice services. In addition to legal information such as public law and private law, law, legal knowledge, criminal and criminal procedure, law enforcement and bankruptcy law, lawyer and notary public law, financial legislation, legal language, forensic medicine, execution information, , typography, Turkish, foreign language, accounting, theoretical and practical courses are taught.


Career Areas 

Graduates of the Associate Degree Program of Justice are intended to be employed as qualified justice service personnel within the Ministry of Justice. It is also possible that graduates can be employed as assistant service personnel in all kinds of institutions. Justice vocational college graduates or vice-principals of the courts; they are appointed to the office of an executive officer or assistant. In addition, they can be brought to the executive offices in tasks as high as the directorate. Graduates of college can find jobs easily in private or private banks, in various public and economic institutions, in private economic enterprises.



Vocational School of Justice 

Arts and Social Sciences Center, B102

99258 Nicosia/North Cyprus

Mersin 10, Turkey 

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School E-mail: secretary-soj@ciu.edu.tr

Director E-mail:  cozel@ciu.edu.tr