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From The Director

Dear student,

With more and more work done on increasing life expectancy and quality of life, there are new fields of science in health services and it has become apparent that there is a great demand for intermediate staff. Believing in the importance and necessity of  training intermediate staff in the field of health, CIU established the School of Health Sciences and started offering Pharmacy Technician Associate degree and Medical Documentation and Secretaryship Associate degree programs.

Equipped to provide high quality education, Pharmacy Technician Associate degree department aims to train support staff who improve the quality of health services over four semesters. With fully equipped laboratories and experienced instructors, it has everything to ensure the best staff training for pharmacy services. Graduates of this program can find employment not only in pharmacy services but also with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Through internship following the second semester, knowledge gained during the program is put into to practice. Our mission statement is realized by our specialty courses on pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical technologies and pathology

Medical Documentation and Secretaryship Associate degree department, also 4 semesters, trains students to be capable employees with courses on patient registration systems, keyboarding, medical documentation, health records, office management, correspondence techniques, secretariat services, public relations and medical terminology.

The aim of the Medical Documentation and Secretaryship Associate degree  Program is to train employees competent in the documentation of registration systems of health institutions and secretariat services. Our graduates will be sought after by medical libraries, hospital archives and secretary aids. Summer internship at a hospitals documentation unit adds greatly to the education program of our students.

Prof.Dr. Feray GÖKDOĞAN

Director of School of Health Sciences