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About the Program

The aim of the program is to train health staff which provides the patient the prescription glasses, every kinds of lenses, optical vision equipments, glasses frames as prescribed by the ophtalmologist. Opticians are also trained in how to assemble eyeglasses, repair them, and make them ready for the use of the customers. Opticians are technical staff capable of understanding prescriptions for fixing or removing vision deficiencies, supplying optical equipments and providing patient-specific applications in accordance with the prescriptions of the ophtalmologists. Students who graduate from this associate degree program can apply to an undergraduate degree by DGS – an exam offered by ÖSYM.


Educational Opportunities

A strong staff has been prepared for this program academically. Students who are in this department with theoretical and practical training provided by the strong staff in scope of the Opticianry Program will be able to understand the prescription and provide the patient with the suitable glasses and the frame, to determine the visual focus of the patient with a pupillometer, to determine the focus of the glasses by using a focometer, to prepare the glasses by using glass cutting equipment and to assemble eyeglasses and deliver them to the patient. The students, through their 2-years education, are trained by lecturers competent in their fields and they gain the knowledge and skills for their profession from the must reliable sources. The education in the clinic, practical courses and clinical practice will be carried out according to the principles and regulations of The Higher Education Council (YÖK).


Career Areas

The students who graduate from this program gain the “Optician” title. Opticians are the staff who prepare and apply the optical equipment prescibed by the ophtalmologist for treating vision loss and similar difficulties. They are also legally responsible for the running of any kind of opticianry institution, for making contracts with government institutions and carrying out the contract provisions. The graduates from this program can work as managing directors in opticianry institutions in the private sector. They also have the opportunity to establish their own business. There is a significant need for opticianry professionals in both public and private institutions. Due to the demand for opticianry professionals, the possibilities of employment are high.



Vocational School of Health Sciences

Nicosia/North Cyprus

Çevik Uraz Center, A206

Tel: +90 392 671 1111 (ext. 2251)

Fax: +90 392 671 1139

School E-mail: secretary-vhs@ciu.edu.tr

Head of Department E-mail: fgokdogan@ciu.edu.tr



Last updated: 21-11-2018