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Medical Documentation and Secretarial Services

One of the fastest improving sectors in our modern time, the health sector, is a field that will not only never lose its importance but also continue to be an ever-advancing sector. Since this sector involves the health of mankind, it is of great importance to have well trained and experienced health care workers just as it is for doctors and physicians. This is why there is a need for all around qualified staff in today’s health field. Our Vocational School is aiming to fulfill this by training students to be proficient in knowledge and practice in the field and by giving them the right tools, to teach them to self-improve in a continuous fashion to be irreplaceable health workers of the field.

Our Medical Documentation and Secretarial program aims to train individuals who will have great knowledge and skill in the compilation of scientific research documents in all the fields of medicine and health sciences and in arranging and putting these scientific findings in service of those who would like to benefit from such information. This is why, along with basic classes such as secretarial techniques, hospital information management systems, computer and keyboard information, public relations and medical documentation, medical courses such as basic anatomy, medical terminology, knowledge of diseases and biostatistics are included in our program. Along with those, our program consists of architectural structure of hospital archives, shelf layout, filing techniques, indexing procedures, storing procedures, protection of archive material against harmful matter, preparation of archive budget and also theoretical and practical work on how to carry out the secretarial services of medical registration commissions.

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