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Vocational School


History and development

The CIU Vocational School started to accept students in 1997. Having started to education with Radio and Television Programming and Computer Programming programs, our High School has opened programs for Public Relations and Advertising, Hair Care and Beauty Services, Accounting and Taxation Practices in the direction of professional needs over the years. Interior Design and Architectural Restoration were started in 2016-17 academic year. We will continue to establish new programs for the business areas that will be needed in the sectoral demands of business life.


Mission and Vision

To educate entrepreneurial occupational personnel with a high level of sectoral knowledge and application skills together with computer literacy and foreign language, to be employed in the sector related to their fields.

Our vision is to follow the professional qualifications needed in the continuously developing and differentiating sectors, and to establish new programs regarding to the requirements in the sectors to train new personal who will be able to work efficently.