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Tourism and Hotel Management

The School of Tourism and and Hotel Management’s modern education program has been prepared to educate students as individuals, who are sensitive to technological developments, international and local tendencies, and natural, socio-cultural, and economical resources. Graduates become the sector’s most valuable human resource with their accumulated knowledge and experience from the Course equipping them with systematic and academic management skills. They will be able to walk more confidently towards their targets as successful workers, managers and business owners of the future. Students study the general working philosophy of tourism and hospitality and need success in the acquisition of a foreign language, such as German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese, though the curriculum has all its courses taught in English.

Students have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge through practice in summer internships. CIU Tourism and Hotel Management School students have the opportunity to practice the concepts, models and methods, which have been presented theoretically in courses, by means of the computers, laboratories, kitchens and experimental studios. Courses related to the subjects presented in classes provide the adoption of the theoretical knowledge into real life with the support of technology. Computer laboratories develop the essential computer and technology skills and allow experience of Office programmes and the use of those used intensively in the tourism sector such as Opera and Fidelio. Our laboratories and experimental studios designed for today’s requirements support our students in developing their skills and abilities with modern technical equipment.

Academic Program