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Sports Management

About the Department 

The Sports Management Department aims to help the students to acquire the basic knowledge and skills related to business and management and help them acquire a vision that they can relate to sport. Students who study in the Sport Management Department take theoretical and practical lessons of basic sports branches. They also take theoretical and practical lessons about the management information of sporting enterprises, facility planning and operation-organization, human resources, and administrative and financial issues that require the provision of administration. The undergraduate students of the Sports Management Department take human anatomy, sports physiology, and training information courses from the Sports Trainer Education Department, Recreation Education Department and Physical Education and Sports Teacher Education Department. Students can also increase their skills and knowledge in undergraduate education by choosing some common elective courses from the School of Physical Education and Sports. 


Educational Opportunities

Graduates are able to register in the Master’s and Doctoral Programme of the Physical Education and Sports Department, if they fulfil the requirements. They can perform duties as Sports Managers related to planning, organization, execution, coordination, and control. Sports Management Department students can obtain a 1st level sports trainer certificate for a sports branch that they have taken during their 4-year undergraduate education. Sports Management Department graduates can become Physical Education and Sports teachers, on condition that they complete their pedagogical formation education after their 4-years undergraduate education. Graduates are able to participate in sports trainer courses for fitness and other sports branches and they will be exempted from the courses they have already taken , get a Sports Trainer certificate, and move up in the field..


Career Areas

During the period of undergraduate education, students of the School of Physical Education and Sports can be certified in the related subjects if they participate in the certificate programmes opened for the development of the students. Graduates can participate in the organization and applications of activities that take place in our social life in the name of healthin private sports halls, organizations, businesses as administrators at different levels in the tourist hotels, motels and facilities of our country, in official and private sector institutions,as managers of related staff in local administrations, and practice as professional sports managers. Graduates are able to undertake managerial duties in trade fair organizations to promote and sell sporting equipment, materials and textiles, and are also preferred in the marketing and sale of sporting product brands as professionals.



School of Physical Education and Sports

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Last updated: 17-07-2018