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Recreation Training

About the Department 

Students of this department, can take courses from the recreational sports branches and exercises for health areas in addition to those from the sports performance branches. They can also take common courses from The Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Sports Trainer Education, and Sports Management Departments. They can also choose elective courses from the common courses of the School of Physical Education and Sports.


Educational Opportunities

Recreation training students can choose Disability and Recreation, Recreation Management and Local Authorities and Recreation modules from the third year in order to have additional specialization modules on their transcripts. They can do a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate Degree in Physical Education and Sports. Graduates can also obtain a Level 1 Sports Trainer Certificate in a sports branch they study during their undergraduate education.

Bachelor’s degree graduates can teach physical education and sports if they take pedagogical formation, and they will also be able to apply for Sports Trainer courses and be exempted from the undergraduate courses they have taken in different sports branches and earn 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Sports Trainer Certificates. Our Bachelor’s degree graduates can also provide training in sports areas with those Sports Trainer certificates.


Career Areas

Studentswho graduate from the Recreation Education Programme can be  employed in fitness centres, and health centres, they can be a sport facilitator for local administrations, and sport animators in tourism centres, water-sports centres, and exercise centres for disabled people. Graduates who take the Pedagogical Formation Courses tcan become Physical Education Teachers. Graduates are able to take part in the promotion and marketing of sports equipment, materials, and clothing in sports organization trade fairs. They are also preferred in the marketing and sale of sporting product brands as professionals. Graduates of the School of Physical Education and Sports can participate in certificate courses during their undergraduate education and also add the training topics to their CVs.



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Last updated: 17-07-2018