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I want to be a nurse because

I want to increase pleasure in the direction of Holistic ( holistic ) and the humanistic philosophy in obedience to professional standards, ethical principles and laws , using new scientific knowledge and technologies for individuals, families and improve the health of the community, to protect, with the objective to provide the necessary treatment and rehabilitation in case of illness , to plan nursing care , to apply and evaluate so I want to improve nursing satisfaction with regard to the people I care about.

The content of the education

Education and training is given in Turkish section of the four-year nursing faculty level . The curriculum of health in located in the course of the disease , monitored a path from simple to complex , the sequence following the recognition of a healthy society and healthy considering the human life cycle simple acute diseases , chronic diseases and disabilities , acute and chronic intensive care unit and require technology support individuals and families holistic care. It is given in the teaching course. In the program , as well as basic medical course of basic nursing courses , students will develop critical thinking and perception of art and many electives are given to the social classes.

In short, the nursing program mission:

Individual, family, community health promotion , preventive, curative and rehabilitative can deliver high quality nursing care, professional values and the principle of evidence-based practice , critical thinking, to train nurses who can solve problems.


To be a department which aims to train nurses who are preferred nationally and internationally.

The aims of the nursing department

At the end of this program students will have the following characteristics;

1-Holistic and humanistic nursing approach

2- to meet the health care needs of the community of individuals, families and use critical thinking and problem-solving approach

3. Have the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill professional roles and functions.

4. Carry out nursing practices in accordance with their professional principles and standards .

5- Use scientific principles and methods in nursing practices.

6- Professional practice performs nursing theories and models in line .

7 In nursing practices act in accordance with professional ethics and values.

8- Use effective communication skills.

9. Assertiveness and exhibit leadership qualities

10- It fosters teamwork.

11. Use information and care technologies in professional practice and research.

12. The principle of lifelong learning

13. Apply evidence-based nursing care following the professional literature.

14. Performs educational activities for the community and Health professionals

15 Role model to colleagues and model to society by professional identity .

16. monitor policies and legislation affecting the nursing profession.

17. The problem of social , legal, located in the relevant health projects by examining economic and ecological dimensions.

18. to contribute to the professional development takes place in scientific activities.

19. respects the universality of basic values and social rights.

20. Uses nursing care knowledge and skills , education, research, management in the area.