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Health Care Management

About the Program

As a program aiming to train qualified personnel and managerial candidates who can work in hospitals, private-public health institutions and organizations, rehabilitation centers. Healthcare Management has started to provide education in our university. Health Management is to provide the human resources that are trained in the needs of the health sector, based on the basic principles and values ​​of the sector, dominated by processes, knowledgeable about managerial applications, patient relations and effective communication. Our program provides four years of education, students; department is studying courses such as Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, as well as courses in Health Law, Health Care Management, Digital Marketing in Health.
In this context, it is aimed to train health managers who are knowledgeable about the health system and politics of our country, who have assimilated medical deontology, speak the same language as health workers, think strategically, have vision, and have problem solving skills.


Educational Opportunities
The program is based on the health sector along with developing social and technological innovations. In this context, the curriculum and contents of all the functions at the macro and micro levels are prepared and a 4-year education program is prepared. Within the scope of the curriculum organized within the context of the health sector and services that are closely related to the society and the individual, courses such as business administration, economics, accounting, health management, health law, public relations in health and strategic management are given to students. The lessons are given in Turkish and basic English lessons are presented to the students. In this area, students are contributed to the course. By giving examples from current events, by inviting managers and entrepreneurs who are successful in business life or by making business visits, it is aimed to better assimilate the subjects learned by students. In addition, special attention is given to the fact that they can use the information and communication technologies required by the age.


Career Areas
- In hospitals and other health centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health,
- In public and private hospitals,
- In rehabilitation centers,
- At health research centers
- In voluntary organizations working on health problems in a country,
- In health insurance institutions originated from public and private sector,
- Drugs which are used and produced in industrial establishments producing medical devices
- They are able to work at the relevant faculties and colleges of universities.



Vocational School of Health Sciences

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99258 Nicosia/North Cyprus

Mersin 10, Turkey 

Tel: +90 392 671 1111 (ext. 2251)

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School E-mail: secretary-vhs@ciu.edu.tr

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Last updated: 21-11-2018