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Exam Rules and Regulations

  • Students who take a proficiency exam or any other exams must bring their student ID cards or any formal documents with their photos such as passport, driving licence or national ID cards. 
  • To be able to take any module exams, students must fulfil the attendance requirement.
  • Students must bring their own pencils and erasers to the exam venue since the exchange of any materials (pens, pencils and erasers) is not allowed after the exam starts.
  • Students must check the notice boards (on the first and second floors) at the Preparatory Department or the Department website for the details of the exams (date, classroom, time and etc.). For this reason students should be at the Preparatory Department at least 20 minutes before an exam starts. Students usually take Weekly Quizzes and Level Exams in their usual classes.
  • The use of any electronic devices (mobile phones, iPad, MP3 players, smart watches, electronic dictionaries/translators, etc.) is not allowed during exams. Any attempt to use such devices is considered as cheating. The ones who engage in such activities are reported and disciplinary actions are taken according to Student Disciplinary Regulations (see the link for the Student Disciplinary Regulationshttps://kbs.ciu.edu.tr/kbs/yonetmelik/yonetmelikler/CIU_STUDENT_DISCIPLINARY_REGULATION.pdf).
  • Students cannot leave their exam rooms during the first 30 minutes even they finish their exams (except weekly quizzes).
  • Talking and asking questions during any exams can be considered as an attempt to cheat.
  • Students can check Proficiency Exam and Level Exam results on the notice boards on the first and second floors at the Preparatory Department or the Department website.
  • Students who miss an exam (Proficiency or Level) due to any serious issues or medical problems (with the approved official documents) have a right to apply for a make-up exam within 5 working days after the administration of the exam.
  • Students can object to their exam results within 5 working days after the exam results are announced. After any objection, exam papers of any students who have objected are re-evaluated. Students are informed of the results of the re-evaluation via email, phone or in person.

It is Preparatory Department students’ responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the exam rules of SFL. In the case of any inappropriate attempt to cheat or disturb peers during an exam, formal complaints procedure will be started by the invigilator with the completion of the related section in the invigilation form. The invigilation form with a Teacher Complaints Form which clearly states the details of the incident is submitted to the Director by the invigilator. Required reviews regarding the incident are done by the Discipline Committee in accordance with the Student Discipline Regulations (see the link for the Student Discipline Regulationshttps://kbs.ciu.edu.tr/kbs/yonetmelik/yonetmelikler/CIU_STUDENT_DISCIPLINARY_REGULATION.pdf). After the necessary steps are completed, the student is informed via phone, email or in person. The process of reporting an inappropriate behaviour during an exam is shown in detail below.

Informal Procedure


- As an invigilator you have noticed an improper behaviour (disturbing peers, an attempt to talk to others, or an attempt to check any electronic devices) and warned the student.



                           Problem Solved

If problem not solved


Formal Procedure


  • After the first warning of the invigilator if a student still repeats the same improper behaviour or does anything to break any exam rules, the invigilator fills out the related section of the Invigilation Form and states the incident clearly by completing Teacher Complaints Form.
  • The completed forms are submitted to the chair of the Discipline Committee.
  • The Discipline Committee does the required investigation in accordance with the Student Discipline Regulations.
  • After the approval of the final decision the student is informed via phone, email or in person.










Problem Solved


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