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Modern Languages

The School of Foreign Languages, Department of Modern Languages provides compulsory English courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students, assisting them with the four-year education program in the English language, to allow them to follow the curriculum. As the importance of learning foreign languages has been increasing rapidly, and since English is the common language of the world in communicating both scientifically and academically, the significance of its functional use cannot be ignored.

From this point of view, the main principle of the Modern Languages Department is to develop students’ academic reading, writing, and speaking skills, and to help them be successful in their professional careers by using these skills.

Students in the Department of Modern Languages gain foreign language skills with the help of academic staff who adopt a teaching-learning atmosphere where student-centred understanding, creative and critical thinking are used, rather than traditional education methods. While students read the given academic passages, they develop their strategies of reading reports and articles through analysis. A further aim of these courses is that students develop necessary skills in the process writing approach to help with summarizing, synthesizing, analyzing, writing reports, and academic writing.

Students are encouraged to use their whole cognitive abilities by using the writing statement approach, which is focused on the process. In this process,lecturers show the ways and techniques that they should follow in their writing. The courses also aim to teach students to be aware of their own mistakes.

Students are trained to reflect upon their knowledge and skills in carrying out departmental reports and research. In this process, students acquire the skill of citing from academic and scientific studies. Students are also taught to analyse numerical data through the skill of interpretation. Furthermore, students research their presentation topics by using various sources and then make their presentation effectively, using visual aids.

Last updated: 02-02-2018