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Pearson Assured Certificates

Registrations are now open!
Our students who would like to apply for the Pearson Assured certificates can now contact School of Foreign Languages secretary.

What is Pearson Assured?
Cyprus International University, School of Foreign Languages, English Prep Programme has been accredited by Pearson since January,2015. This accreditation shows that the quality processes of the English Prep Programme of the School of Foreign Languages meet an independent, international quality benchmark. You can receive an accreditation certificate proving that the programme you have completed meets international education standards.

How to get your accreditation certificate
You can apply for an accreditation certificate, to be prepared by “Pearson Assured” for the Cyprus International University English Prep Programme, provided that you meet the following conditions:
1. Being successful in Proficiency Exams of Cyprus International University English Prep Programme as from January 2015
2. Filling in the following form and submitting it to the Prep School secretary
3. Acceptance after reviewed for the records’ validity
4. Depositing £35 (English pounds) into Nova Bank branch at the University Campus and submitting the receipt to the Prep School secretary

As the certificates are going to be printed in the U.K. and sent to us via mail, you will be able to get the certificates from the Prep School secretary within a month after the latest application date. Only one copy per registration.

Application Deadlines:
1. Application deadline: 26 January
2. Application deadline: 15 June
3. Application deadline: 15 October

Application Form

Last updated: 06-03-2018