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School of Foreign Languages

Foreign language Education is carried out by the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) at CIU. The SFL consists of two departments; Preparatory and Modern Languages.

Of these two departments, the preparatory department provides intensive English Instruction.

The Preparatory Department aims to enable prep students to gain competence in the four basic language skills apart from acquiring the knowledge of the target language, to fulfil the requirements of communicational functions successfully and to use communication strategies skilfully. The students who are not successful in the proficiency exam held at the beginning of the academic year are required to take the intensive English program. The intensive English program is based on the modular system. One academic year consists of four modules; two modules in the Fall Semester and the other two in the Spring Semester. An achievement test is held at the end of each module. The students who reach the Upper intermediate or the Advanced level can take the proficiency exam held at the end of the Fall Semester. In the same way, it is obligatory to pass at least the Intermediate level to take the proficiency exam at the end of the Spring Semester. The students who are successful in proficiency exam of the SFL are expected to have a sufficient level of English to continue their further education.

At the Department of Modern Languages, foreign language education covers three different areas and aims to:

1.Enable students of the English medium programs to follow the instruction in English, join the discussions and

develop their academic English,
2.Enable students of the Turkish medium programs to learn and develop English as a foreign language,
3.Provide students with the opportunity to learn other foreign languages apart from English.

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