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Management Information Systems

About the Program

The content of this programm is designed to prepare students to become powerful specialists with scientific competence in the fields of management systems, business and information technology in a global competitive environment and to contribute to their research work. Graduates of Management Information Systems have a good bond between people and technology, and the ability to work well with managers at all levels. The Management Information Systems program includes courses such as: Management and Organization, Information Systems and Technologies, System Analysis and Design, Database Systems Management and Business Intelligence, to enable students to acquire the necessary skills. In addition to the courses, practical projects, 30 day internships, conferences and seminars are also benefit the education of the students.


Educational Opportunities

Students can access the required lecture materials from the university's library and online course management system. Furthermore, students use laboratories and field trips (for applicable courses) to practice their theoretical knowledge. Apart from laboratory work, practical exercises together with case studies from real life situations, course internships and independent studies offered within courses help students to apply their knowledge. In addition, seminars which include talks and debates with industry experts, invited guest speakers for the related courses, summer training in which students work in a company for 30 days, and agreements and collaborations with organizations, provide various learning as well as employment opportunities for students.


Career Areas

This program aims to educate qualified specialists to ensure that businesses keep pace in our rapidly changing world and the area of information technology. In this context, graduates have the opportunity to work in various fields, especially in the private sector and in various departments of government organizations, including: systems development, data processing centres, project development, and software and programming and consulting units. In addition, graduates may also choose to establish and run their own business. Examples of business positions include; project management, program developer, web developer, website manager, systems analyst, database administrator and information technology consultant.


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