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Management Information Systems

“I want to study Management Information Systems because…”

I want to increase my job opportunities by gaining the required background for today’s business environments that are rapidly changing with the developing information technologies and master developing information technologies that will help me to continuously improve my skills. In addition, I want to develop my skills about effective use of management methods and information technologies in various business areas to work with competitive salaries. 

Content of Education

The content of this program is designed to provide students the required scientific background of management systems, business and information technologies in this global competitive business environment and enable them to work on scientific research studies. Management Information Systems graduates will have the ability to establish good relationships with people and technology, and have good relationships with people at all levels in organization. In order to help students to gain the required skills this programme offers a variety of courses including Management and Organization, Information Systems and Technologies, System Analysis and Design, Database Management Systems and Business Intelligence. Besides, students can benefit from educational activities including applied projects, conferences and seminars.

“What are my career opportunities?”

Students who graduate from this program mainly will have opportunity to work in various departments in governmental offices and industry. Graduates will be able to work in information management centers, project development, software and programming, and consultancy sections of any organization. In addition, graduates may prefer to start their own business in management information systems field. Examples for job titles include, project manager, programmer, website developer, website manager, system analyst, database administrator and information technology consultant.

Briefly Management Information Systems Program

This program aims to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills that organizations need to keep up with the recent developments in information technologies, which are also rapidly changing our world. Courses and research projects of this program are designed to provide the necessary background for students in implementation, development and application of management and information systems. Additionally, elective courses will help students to keep up with the recent developments and generate solutions for information technology problems.

Research and Applications

Students in this program, use computer laboratories equipped with the latest technologies and various online applications to apply the theoretical knowledge. Working with experts in various for research projects and summer training experience in industry during the summer term contribute significantly to students’ development. Main research areas include e-commerce, e-learning, e-business, business intelligence, information management and decision making systems.


“Department of Management Information Systems is designed to help students to acquire the key skills that today’s organizations need and have various job opportunities. Students in this programme will learn how to work effectively with people and computers in organizations and most importantly they will be able to support organizations to work with recent information technologies.” 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Müesser Nat, Head of Department

“Businesses can maximize the value of their information assets and meet global competition by using modern information technologies to share information, coordinate activities and facilitate predictive analytics in decision making. Our MIS program, focuses on technology-driven principles and techniques useful in analyzing, exploring, and integrating business data to facilitate decision making and enterprise management.” 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mary Agoyi, Lecturer

“Yönetim Bilişim Sistemleri bölümü benim tabirim ile üç’ü bir arada bir bölümdür. ” İşletirken bilişimle yönetmek diyerek özetliyorum ben. Bu bölüm, bilgi kirliliğinin sürekli arttığı bu çağda doğru ve işlenmiş bilgiye ve bu bilginin nasıl kullanılacağı sorularına cevap verme yetisini kazandırıyor. YBS bölümünü teknolojiyi yakından takip etmek isteyen ve aynı zamanda işletmeye ilgi duyan tüm arkadaşlarıma öneririm.”  

Halil İbrahim Culfa, Third year student

Academic Program.