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International Trade and Business

About the Program

The Department of International Trade and Business produces graduates who are able to adapt to different cultural and sectoral structures, can take part in international businesses within various sectors in today's global competitive environment, can use at least one foreign language in written and verbal forms very well, are able to adapt to different marketing,  and have the ability to make decisions and apply those decisions.

The department contributes to the country's economy by educating experts who  are able to join public or private sector organizations and, make decisions quickly in a competitive international environment. The department prepares graduates who are prepared in advance for these opportunities and threats, that can bring about local and global competition and that can become  executive candidates who can apply marketing decisions in multinational settings. We equip graduates with all the knowledge and skills required to become top managers of multinational or global companies.


Educational Opportunities

Students can access required course materials from the university library and the online course management system. In addition, the Cyprus International ​​University Finance Laboratory serves as a laboratory equipped with the highest level of technology in Northern Cyprus, supported by a TradeMaster platform. The financial laboratories, usually found in America and Canada, are aimed at bringing universities closer to the business world and preparing students for the finance world.

Through the Finance Laboratory, which operates at the Cyprus International ​​University, students are able to learn how to act with financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and commodities through virtual portfolios. In addition, students have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of professionals in the finance sector.


Career Areas

There is a need for graduates of the International Trade and Business Program in public institutions and organizations in the TRNC, Turkey, and every country in that wishes to build  special relations in economic, political, social and cultural areas. Naturally, companies that import-export and/or invest in foreign countries need graduates of the program. In addition, foreign companies are interested in graduates of the International Trade and Business Program. Department graduates can be employed in public or private institutions in export and import departments, financing units, external transactions and fund management units in banks, national and international money and capital markets, and as fund and portfolio managers.



School of Applied Sciences

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School E-mail: sercretary-sas@ciu.edu.tr

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Last updated: 15-01-2018