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Information Technologies


“I want to study Information Technologies because…”

IT plays a significant role in in this global competitive business environment, therefore employers search for skilled people who can handle information systems, computer hardware and software. This department will help me to gain the required skills for developing, applying and using recent technologies to increase my job opportunities. In addition, I will be able to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies and use them in real life.


Content of Education

The content of this program is designed to provide students the opportunity to deal with information technologies from different perspectives and focuses on practice and theory. This program deals with information technology issues such as hardware, software, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the Internet and Information Systems. A variety of courses including System Analysis and Design, Database Management Systems, Internet and Visual Programming, Network Administration and Design, and Business Intelligence are offered. Besides, students benefit from educational activities including applied projects and seminars.


“What are my career opportunities?”

IT department graduates mainly will have the opportunity to work in computer centers and information technology, software and programming, and consultancy departments in industry or governmental offices. Examples for job titles include, IT manager, system designer, programmer, mobile application developer, webmaster, network architect, database administrator and information technology consultant.


Briefly Information Technology Program

This program focuses on recent developments in information technologies to prepare students for the world of work. Students will gain the required knowledge and skills that will help them to meet changing needs of organizations. Courses and projects which are offered in this program are designed to provide the necessary background for students in development and application of information technologies in real life. In addition to the fundamental courses, elective courses are provided to help students to keep up with the recent developments and develop solutions for information technology problems.


Research and Applications

Students in this program, use computer laboratories and various online applications to apply the theoretical knowledge. Working with experts in various research areas will help students to build knowledge about real life projects, the development of solutions, writing reports and presentation techniques.



“Understanding how the technology influencing every aspect of our lives and considering the continuous innovations, we designed this IT program to equip students with the key skills and knowledge for their future careers and personal development. Graduates of this program will be able to easily adapt to the changes in technologies and find effective solutions to business problems.”
Asst. Prof. Dr. Müesser Nat, Acting Head of Department

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