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School of Applied Sciences

Considering the globalization and increased competitiveness in this century, Management Information Systems has been established under School of Applied Sciences with the mission of educating expert, productive and self-confident individuals to meet the needs of industry, trade, banking, finance and information systems sectors.

In this rapidly changing and evolving world, School of Applied Sciences also committed itself to provide students strong academic and professional background in European Union norms to promote creativity and self-awareness of their core values and social responsibilities. In the light of these expectations, the vision of School of Applied Sciences is to lead and equip their students with latest applications in information systems and management as well as real life projects.

Gaining knowledge to develop products with public and practical benefits and applying these knowledge in technological conditions to have a good career opportunity are some of the reasons to prefer School of Applied Sciences. Therefore, all courses that students take during their education and national or international internships opportunities are provided considering the current technological advancements.

School of Applied Sciences aims to educate students by considering the benefits of public, policy-making and shaping, flexible and pragmatic approach and interdisciplinary work ability.

Cyprus International University, School of Applied Sciences believes that it can support students better to achieve their career goals with your contributions.