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The Cyprus International University Sustainability Program is comprised of a Sustainable Energy Research Center and the Students for a Sustainable Campus project. Together, we strive to positively contribute to our campus, community, and world!

Cyprus International University is known for its commitment to the environment, on campus and globally. You can see it in our teaching, research, and dedication to sustainability on our campus. 


Students for a Sustainable Campus Project

Students for a Sustainable Campus is an inclusive and intersectional student project that strives for long-lasting sustainable practices on and off campus through education, engagement, and direct action. 

Since its founding in 2017, SSC has grown and evolved into a project not only operating on campus, but internationally when possible. We work on diverse issues such as climate change, environmental justice, water, waste, and more, and pursue initiatives and outreach efforts to build a more just and sustainable world.


What do we do?

Science and Technology Center-

The Science and Technology Center is a three story Research and Education building. It is a unique project of an Energy Efficient Building because there is not another building with a floor area of 15000 m2 equipped with applied Energy Conservation Measures in this region. The following Energy Conservation Measures are implemented in the Building;

  • Building an Integrated Photovoltaic System
  • Largest Building Integrated PV System in Cyprus with Second Generation Thin-film panels
  • Automated Natural Ventilation System
  • Shading Structures
  • Heat Insulation
  • Highly efficient Air Conditioning and Lighting Technology
  • Building Management System


Solar Power-


The Photovoltaic Power Station Project, which commenced in 2014 under the Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Center and Vice President of CIU Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu, has been concluded.

A Project Which Sets a Universal Example

Covering an area of 14 thousand square meters on CIU premises, it is not only the largest sustainable energy project in Northern Cyprus, but also what constitutes an example on a universal scale. In Cyprus solar power panels are usually installed with a single type plan configuration, which is a universal practice. However, in the context of the present project, solar power panels were installed in 4 different mounting types, namely on a level roof, an inclined roof, in a field, and on carports.

Declaring the total expenditure of the project to amount to 1.5 million Euros, Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Center, Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu, explained that they had undertaken substantial data and feasibility analyses prior to setting up the project, with the analyses figuring in a study published in “Solar Energy”, the most respectable journal within the domain of solar power. Abbasoğlu said “We undertook some very sensitive measurements, various analyses, and evaluated the “Know-how” thus obtained at the new data center which we established. People with technical know-how, investors, and academicians who are interested in this matter may find out more about our work in the published article”.

Pointing out that the project constituting a natural laboratory specifically for engineering students was at the service of universities established in Cyprus through its monitoring centers. Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu noted that the project, which established an example for many projects, was visited by authorities from many countries including Pakistan, the USA, Iran, China, and Turkey.


350 thousand kilowatts for the Northern Cyprus Power Transmission Line

Abbasoğlu indicated that 4,131 panels were set up, and 350 thousand kilowatts of the generated power would be transferred to the Northern Cypriot power transmission line thus contributing 200,000 TL annually to the Northern Cypriot economy.

Taking an active role as consultant for solar power projects such as the projects administered by the Civil Defense Organization and by the Middle Eastern Technical University among many others, Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu indicated that the Sustainable Energy Research Center consults to enterprises who wish to invest in solar energy projects.


Waste & Recycling-

Cyprus International University produces around 1 ton of waste each day. Historically all of this has gone to landfill, but we have worked hard to reduce the waste we produce and maximize recycling. In 2017, Students for a Sustainable Campus, established the Universities first recycling program for paper, plastic, and metal.



The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Water Supply Project is an international water diversion project designed to supply water for drinking and irrigation from southern Turkey to Northern Cyprus via a pipeline under the Mediterranean Sea. Used water on campus is recycled and used for irrigation around campus.



Members of the Students for a Sustainable Campus project have been conducting educational seminars based on Sustainability and the Environment in Northern Cyprus and abroad. We believe sustainable education is the very first step needed to help save our environment. On March 3rd-5th, members of Students for a Sustainable Campus traveled to Azerbaijan to hold seminars in various high schools entitled: “Students for a Sustainable World”. In the cities of Shemkir and Gence, they reached out to over 150 high schools to educate them on the various world Environmental Issues and the concept of Sustainability. Students became engaged and interested in how to help reverse the devastating effects of human activity on the earth. After a 45 minute presentation, students brainstormed and presented their own ideas on how they would like to help save the environment. Between March 14th-21st, members traveled to Tblisi, Georgia to hold similar seminars. Here we also found that students felt motivated and socially responsible to help save the world through sustainability.

Uluslararası Kıbrıs Ünivesitesi
Uluslararası Kıbrıs Ünivesitesi
Uluslararası Kıbrıs Ünivesitesi
Last updated: 18-10-2018