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Sustainable Energy Research Center

The aim of the Sustainable Energy Research Center is; to carry out scientific research and development activities in all kinds of conventional, nuclear, renewable and alternative energy generation and energy consumption and to implement these activities to contribute to the national economy.

Main activity areas of the centre are as follows:

a) To search for solutions to national and international energy problems, to produce conventional and alternative energy solutions, to plan qualified scientific and technological research, to prepare and implement necessary facilities and applications in this regard.

b) To produce projects with international cooperation in regional and national fields and to carry out studies to solve regional, national and global problems in an order of importance.

c) To contribute to the scientific research and studies of the University.

d) To conduct research and applications on the subjects required by industry and other institutions.

e) To organize and carry out theoretical and practical education programs.

f) To improve the publication and information activities.

g) To cooperate with advanced research centres in the European Union.

h) To organize seminars and workshops.

i) To improve and make better the research infrastructure.

j) To carry out studies to increase social awareness on energy.

Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Center: Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu

Last updated: 15-10-2018