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Social and Strategic Policy Research Center (CIU CSSPR)

CIU CSSPR was founded in order to examine social and strategic policy making and implementation processes mainly in TRNC but also in local, regional and global fields and to conduct both theoretical and practical studies about these policies. In this regard, CSSPR aims to offer an analytical, systematic point of view to policy makers on implementation and evaluation of such processes with its interdisciplinary methodology and theoretical framework.

Among CSSPR’s goals are conducting research activities within the academic outline mentioned above, consulting on matters of social and strategic policy making related to social sciences that determine the public agenda and education services via researcher exchange and certification programs. CSSPR, which is composed of specialized researchers from fields of political science, media and communications and sociology, conducts its activities while interacting with both the political establishment and civil society organizations and institutions. In this regard, in addition to activities like archiving and reporting about topics important in social and strategic policy making and analysis that would be helpful to the public and the policy makers, events such as panels, conferences, and workshops in order to increase/enhance the awareness, knowledge and experience level of the society and policy makers.

Additionally, CSSPR, with its communication network among academics, grows increasingly proficient in providing researchers needed for interdisciplinary projects. The center is also expanding its network of bilateral and multilateral relations with inter-organization agreements which is very important in ensuring cooperation in multi-national or multi-organization projects. In this regard, significant steps are taken to realize joint project works and researcher exchange programs while in organizational contact with the most important regional and global research centers.

CSSPR also includes undergraduate and postgraduate students in social science fields and gives them an opportunity to put into practice what they learn in courses.

Last updated: 13-10-2017