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Biotechnology Research Center

In recent years, significant improvements have been pursued by the University in the fields of Energy Systems Engineering and Environmental Engineering; CIU broadened this development by establishing the Biotechnology Research Center. Biotechnological studies and implementations in the fields of “industry”, “environment” and “agriculture and animal husbandry”, which will contribute to the economy of TRNC, have already been launched; in the medium term, medical research is planned to begin with the soon to be opened department of Genetic Engineering.

These studies, which have a direct effect on our social and economic lives, are done with the coordination of well-known institutes and experts around the world, under the supervision of our experienced faculty members, with the proper authorizations from officials.

The implementation of the environment and agriculture projects are focused on sustaining a cleaner environment while developing the quality of production.

With the aim of being one of the most advanced centers in the Mediterranean region, the applications of these projects will soon be in used in neighboring countries.

Last updated: 13-10-2017