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Archeology, Cultural Heritage and Conservation Research Center

Island of Cyprus with its history and civilizations going back to ancient times is practically an open museum about many ages and cultures. This center was established for specialized academics at Cyprus International University and relevant institutions to conduct research in order to preserve and exhibit this unique characteristic of the Island of Cyprus. Various research projects are carried out in the Center about “archeology”, “history”, “culture” and “art” in Cyprus as well as service and training for the preservation and administration of culture heritage.

The Center, where joint projects are carried out with many disciplines, gives training on research, analysis techniques, theoretical approaches and methods. Cyprus is the richest island on the Mediterranean and the site of development for many civilizations. The cultural heritage found here has influenced not only architecture but also many literary works. The Center, which is open to cooperation with all educational and research institutions, research is being carried out with perspectives from historical sociology, social and political history.

Last updated: 13-10-2017