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Databases: CAB

Content: 736 Journals

Documents: Help

Scope: This database provides bibliographical information for journals, serials, conference proceedings, books, theses, annual reports, patents, standards and full-text information for some sources.




Databases: IEEE


413 Journals

1220 Conference Publications

3341 Standard



IEEE Digital Library About

IEEE User Manual

Scope: The IEEE / IEL Database provides an access to more than 3.8 million full-text documents in 202 world's top active totally 460 IEEE / IET and IBM journals and magazines, annually more than 1,200 IEEE / 20 IET conferences and more than 2,500 accepted IEEE standards active in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics areas.


Databases: JSTOR Archive Journal Content

Content: 3904

Documents: User Manual

Scope: In addition to being a multidisciplinary, 3904 journals with the focus on social science can be accessed as a “moving wall”. ”Moving Wall’’: Represents a time lag between the most current issue published in JSTOR and the last published number.


Databases: OVID-LWW

Content: 474 Journals



OVID-My Workspace

User Videos

Introduction Brochure

Scope: 346 academic journals published in the field of medical sciences.


Databases: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

Content: Theses Database

Documents: User Manual(Tr)

Scope: Interdisciplinary collection.


Databases: ScienceDirect


2280 Journals

30 Book Series


User Manual(Tr)

User Manual(Eng)

Scope: The 2261 electronic journals in the Freedom Collection package is available dating from 1995 and beyond. The collection is interdisciplinary.


Databases: Scopus

Content: Abstract/Citation


User Manual(Tr)

User Manual(Eng)

Elsevier Scopus APIs

How To Guides

Scope: It is an abstract and citation database. It contains 49 million records, more than 20,500 refereed journals and scientific publications from 5.000 publishers, 5.3 million conference reports, 340 book series, and covers 100% of Medline.


Databases: SpringerLink


2296 Journals

483 Open Access Journals


User Manual(Tr)

Training Videos and Documents

Writing Rules for Authors Article

Manuscript Preparation Guide

SpringerLink Remote Access End User

Springer Remote Access

Scope: Interdisciplinary database. License agreement provides access to 2073 journals. Also, there is an access to 483 journals through Open Access.


Databases: Taylor & Francis

Content: 2191 Journals


User Guide

Information Document

Scope: It is a multi-disciplinary full-text database and has access to approximately 2165 magazines.


Databases: Web of Science

Content: Bibliyografik / Atıf



Web Of Science (APIs)

Web Of Knowledge

Scope: This platform allows users to do a search of SCI-SSCI-AHCI- SPCI-SSPCI databases by the topic and citation.



Databases: Hukuk Türk

Documents: User Manual

Scope: It offers users an access to Turkish Republic Legislation (Law and regulations, Decrees on the Law, Council of Ministers Decisions, Notifications ), legal provisions of (Supreme Court, State Council, Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights) and the Official Gazette.


Databases: EBSCO eBook Academic Collection

Content: More than 140,000 e-books


EBSCO eBook Application Overview (video - English - Turkish subtitle)

EBSCO eBook - Download eBook to iPad (Turkish document)

EBSCO to borrow eBook (Download and Reserve) (Turkish document)

Downloading E-Books to Adobe Digital Editions (Turkish document)

User Manual (English)

Scope: EBSCO eBook AC (Academic Collection) is the world's largest multidisciplinary full text electronic book database. It is fully academic, contains around 135,000 electronic books, and is a truly academic e-book database that researchers need that makes their research easier. It is possible to access electronic books of more than 450 academic publishers in all disciplines (law, medicine, psychology, engineering, agriculture, science, literature, business, politics, education, fine arts, architecture, etc.). It is possible to access Taylor & Francis from MIT Press via mobile device.


Last updated: 15-08-2018