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EBSCO eBook Academic Collection

EBSCO eBook AC is the world’s widest multi-disiplined full text electronic book database. It features close to 135.000 academic electronic books academic as well as academic book databases and has easy access for all researchers to meet their requirements via the EBSCOhost platform. In all disciplines (law, medicine, psychology, engineering, agriculture, science,more literature, accounting, political science, education, fine arts, architecture, etc. ) Access to more than 450 academic publishers’ electronic books is possible. From MIT Press to Taylor & Francis, access from mobile devices to a number of important publishers’ books is possible.
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EBSCOhost Databases

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1) Academic Search Complete

Designed for academic institutions, this database is the leading resource for scholarly research with more full-text journals and more peer-reviewed journals than any other database available. It supports high-level research in the key areas of academic study by providing journals, periodicals, reports, books, and more.
Content Includes:
• Nearly 9,100 full-text journals
• Nearly 13,700 indexed and abstracted journals
• Full text for more than 7,900 peer-reviewed journals
• PDF content dating back as far as 1887
• Searchable cited references for more than 1,400 journals
• Daily updates

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=a9h


2) American Doctoral Dissertations, 1933-1955

This free research database provides access to the only comprehensive record of dissertations accepted by American universities between 1933 and 1955, the print index Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities. Full page images of the original print index may be searched by author, title, subject and university.
Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities was an index complied annually for the National Research Council and The American Council of Learned Societies by the Association of Research Libraries. It was published by the H. W. Wilson Company.

Access link:http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=ddu


3) Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective Retro Index

This archival database is the perfect reference for discovering important historical scientific studies, exploring controversies, finding papers by innovators, and researching the development of technologies between 1913 and 1983. Indexing and citations include book reviews and the complete files of Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957).
Historical Subject Headings
Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective contains both historical and updated subject headings, ensuring that researchers using either old or new search terms will obtain all the information on that subject. Original subject headings offer insight into the ways the issues were once framed.
Content Includes:
• Indexing of more than 1,400 periodicals
• Citations for more than 3 million articles
• Complete files of Industrial Arts Index (1913 – 1957)

Access link:http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=asb


4) Business Source Complete

With premium full-text content and peer-reviewed business journals, this database is the essential tool for business students. It covers all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, accounting, banking, finance, and more. Indexing and abstracts and full text are available back as far as 1886.
Content Includes:
• More than 3,800 full-text journals, including nearly 2,000 peer-reviewed journals
• Detailed author profiles for over 40,000 of the most-cited authors in the database
• More than 820 books and monographs
• More than 12,000 case studies
• More than 1.1 million company profiles (Company View)
• More than 1,200 country economic reports
• Nearly 60 faculty seminar videos
• More than 7,800 industry reports
• Nearly 10,000 executive and analyst interviews
• More than 2,500 market research reports
• More than 4,000 SWOT analyses
• 32 working papers collections
• Supplemental access to Regional Business News

Access link:http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=bth


5. DynaMed

Written and designed by a team of specialized physicians, DynaMed is a clinical reference tool which provides fast, easy access to the latest evidence-based information. An indispensable resource for valid, relevant and convenient content, DynaMed includes clinically-organized summaries for thousands of topics. It is also updated several times daily as new evidence becomes available, supplying healthcare professionals with the information they need to make the best-informed decisions at the point of care.
DynaMed is Unique
Most clinical information resources are online textbooks written by experts who make recommendations based on opinion and experience, rather than on empirical evidence.DynaMed is different. It’s a tool that has been developed by a community of clinicians who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis in an easily-digestible format.
Evidence-Based Methodology
The DynaMed methodology for creating content is based on evidence-based medicine principles and best practices with a commitment to providing unbiased information to help guide physicians in their decision-making process. One-click access to full-text articles makes it easy for users to read the original research. Designed to be interactive,DynaMed pushes information to users via alerts so they know when information has been updated. And best of all, DynaMed can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device or system including mobile devices, tablets and EMRs.

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=dynamed


6. Education Index Retrospective: 1929 – 1983

Covering over 50 years, this essential tool provides a vast record of important education literature in an easily-searchable format. Find information on societal trends affecting education, including segregation, multiculturalism, feminism, economic developments, and more.
Historical Subject Headings
Education Index Retrospective contains both historical and updated subject headings, ensuring that researchers using either old or new search terms will obtain all the information on that subject. Original subject headings offer insight into how the topics were once framed.
Content Includes:
• Indexing of more than 800 periodicals, many peer-reviewed
• Citations for more than 850,000 articles, including book reviews

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=eir



ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) is an authoritative database of indexed and full-text educational literature and resources. Essential for education researchers of all kinds, it features journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and Resources in Education Index.
A Wide Array of Full-Text Documents
ERIC contains more than 1.5 million records and links to hundreds of thousands of full-text documents dating back to 1966. It includes records for a variety of source types, including journal articles, books, conference papers, curriculum guides, policy papers and more.

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=hev


8. European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750

This archive is a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750 from European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed In Europe Relating to the Americas, 1493-1750. This authoritative bibliography is well-known and respected by scholars worldwide, and a valuable index for libraries, researchers and individuals interested in European works that relate to the Americas.
The authoritative bibliography is well-known and respected by scholars worldwide, and is a valuable index for libraries, researchers and individuals interested in European works that relate to the Americas. It was co-developed by John Alden and the Curator of European Books at The John Carter Brown Library, Dennis Landis. This electronic index represents a wide range of topics, from the British/French/Dutch in America to natural disasters, religious orders, slavery and more. The John Carter Brown Library, founded in 1846, is a foremost repository of rare books and materials and is a center for advanced research in history and the humanities.
Content Includes:
• More than 32,000 records
• Coverage of European exploration and portrayals of Native American peoples
Subjects include:
• British in America
• Commerce
• Discoveries
• Dutch in America
• French in America
• Great Britain—Colonies
• Jesuits (and other religious orders) in America
• Pirates
• Slave trade

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=hev


9. GreenFILE

This complimentary research database provides scholarly, government and general-interest sources covering the environmental effects of individuals, corporations and governments and what can be done at each level to minimize negative impacts.
GreenFILE covers the connections between the environment and a variety of disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology. This free research database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 806,000 records and open access full text for more than 12,000 records.
Key journals include Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, Conservation Biology, Forest Ecology & Management, International Journal of Green Energy, and Journal of Wildlife Management.

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=8gh


10. Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 (H.W. Wilson)

This valuable research tool offers high-quality indexing of a wide range of important journals in the humanities and social sciences, dating as far back as 1907. This database is essential to any researcher interested in social sciences, humanities, ethics, eugenics and related topics.
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 includes a wide range of peer-reviewed content such as comprehensive indexing for nearly 1,200 periodicals, more than 1,300,000 citations and over 240,000 book reviews.

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=hsr


11. Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts

This free research database provides indexing and abstracting for key library and information science journals, books, research reports and more. It is EBSCO’s intention to provide access to this resource on a continual basis.
Hundreds of Indexes
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) indexes more than 600 core journals and more than 80 selective journals. Coverage in this free research database extends as far back as the mid-1960s. LISTA also includes author profiles and a robust thesaurus.
Quality Author Information
Customers can review information on LISTA’s most frequently indexed authors, including which subject terms are most commonly applied to their articles and in which publications the author has been published.

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=lxh


12. MEDLINE (Tıp)

Created by the United States National Library of Medicine, MEDLINE is an authoritative bibliographic database containing citations and abstracts for biomedical and health journals used by health care professionals, nurses, clinicians and researchers engaged in clinical care, public health and health policy development.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Search
MEDLINE provides an easy-to-use interface and powerful search functionality including basic and advanced search options. Users can effectively search and retrieve information with Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) created by the United States National Library of Medicine.
Content Includes:
• Over 25 million references to journal articles in life sciences with a concentration on biomedicine
• Citations from over 5,600 worldwide journals in 61 languages
• Coverage dating back to 1809
• Journals selected based on the recommendation of the Literature Selection Technical Review Committee

Access link: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=cmedm


13. Newswires

EBSCO’s Newswires provides near real-time access to top world-wide news from Associated Press, United Press International, PR Newswire, Xinhua, CNN Wire, and Business Wire on a continuous basis. This content is monitored by EBSCO and relevant results are provided when users enter searches in EBSCOhost. This collection includes AP Financial News, AP Top News, AP WorldStream, AP U.S. Politics & Government, AP 50 State Reports, UPI Security Industry, UPI Emerging Threats, UPI Business, UPI Entertainment, UPI Sports, UPI Top News, Arabia 2000, and more. End users can immediately access the full text of the web content, by following the link in the record. The index to the full text content in EBSCO Newswires is held for a rolling 30-day archive by EBSCO, so users can enjoy the previous 30 days of news relating to their search interests.
Access link:http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=nsm

14. ULAKBİM Ulusal Veri Tabanları (UVT)

ULAKBIM Turkish National Databases,produced by the Turkish Academic Network and Information Center (ULAKBIM), is a valuable multidisciplinary resource of exceptional scope. Turkish Engineering and Basic Sciences Database provides extensive coverage of Engineering, and Basic and Applied Sciences. Turkish Life Sciences Database focuses on Agricultural, Biological and Veterinary Sciences. Turkish Medical Database covers research articles in Health Sciences, including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutics and Nursing. Turkish Social Sciences Database explores all major fields related to human society from Anthropology, Economics and History to International Development, Linguistics and Political Science. Bilingual abstracts and descriptors (Turkish and English) make all four databases readily accessible to researchers in Turkey and around the world.
Access link:http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=trh


15. Teacher Reference Center

Teacher Reference Center provides indexing and abstracts for 280 of the most popular teacher and administrator journals and magazines to assist professional educators.

Access link:http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=trh

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Taylor Francis

Contents: 983Journal

Access Address: http://www.tandfonline.com/

Instruction Manual: http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/browse%7Edb=all%7Ething=title%7Eby=title%7Etlimit=journal


Index: Database has provided full text access about Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Pharmacy, Biology, Psychology, Education, Business, Chemistry, and Human Sciences with approximately 975 magazines since 1997.



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Contents: 413 Journal , 880.000 conference papers, 1.800 standard

Access Address: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/

Instruction Manual: Download

Index: The database includes magazines, conferences and standards of IEEE and IEE and gives full text access about electric-electronic engineering, information technology, computer, biomedical engineering, physics, etc.

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Web of Science

Access Address: http://www.isiknowledge.com

Instructional Manual: Download

Help: http://ekual.ulakbim.gov.tr/veritabani/wos.pdf


Index: It is database that contains social sciences, applied sciences, art and human sciences publications, reference and content in multi discipline with a high quality. It contains Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, Arts& Humanities Citation Index.


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ELSEVIER ScienceDirect


Content: 2152 Journal

Access Address: http://www.sciencedirect.com

Instruction Manual: Download


Index: Science Direct Database contains biochemistry, biology, economics and administrative sciences, chemistry, medicine, geology, economics, engineering and technology, environment sciences, materials science, mathematics and computers, microbiology and immunology, neurology, pharmacology and toxicology, physics and social sciences. Full text, bibliographic information or we address browsing can be done from science direct database. You can browse new research by giving browsing words as article name, writer name, magazine name,etc.

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Access Addresshttp://www.ithenticate.com/

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Access Address: http://www.jstor.org/

User Guide: Download


Arts and Sciences I – 118 titles in 21 disciplines

Established in 1997, JSTOR’s first collection includes core journals in economics, history, political science, and sociology, as well as in other key fields in the humanities and social sciences. This collection also contains titles in ecology, mathematics, and statistics.

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Arts and Sciences III – 151 titles in 20 disciplines

Arts & Sciences III includes journals in languages and literature, as well as essential titles in the fields of music, film studies, folklore, performing arts, religion, and the history and study of art and architecture. Additional interdisciplinary titles broaden the scope of coverage to include folklore, feminist & women’s studies.

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Arts and Sciences IV – 112 titles in 20 disciplines

This collection has a strong focus on the professions of business, education, and law, and also includes titles in psychology and public policy and administration. Among the titles are highly influential and diverse publications from leading professional organizations in the fields of business and the social sciences.

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Arts and Sciences V – 120 titles in 22 disciplines

This collection builds on previously introduced disciplines, adding important literary reviews and state historical journals. It will also widen the scope of core disciplines in the arts and humanities, such as philosophy, history, classics, religion, art and art history, and language and literature.

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Arts and Sciences VII – 183 titles in 35 disciplines

The Arts & Sciences VII Collection includes more journals in more disciplines than any other JSTOR collection. Its eclectic range of disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences complements research in core disciplines such as history, political science, sociology, art and art history, and language and literature, and the collection represents the largest cluster of health policy titles in JSTOR. Arts & Sciences VII also has the largest collection of international titles with over 15 countries represented.

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Arts and Sciences VIII – 140 titles in over 10 disciplines

The Arts & Sciences VIII Collection broadens JSTOR’s coverage of core humanities disciplines including history, language & literature, art & art history, and education. This collection also includes a group of rare 19th and early 20th century American Art periodicals digitized as part of a special project undertaken with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frick Collection, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. This collection also includes journals in philosophy, classical studies, and music.

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Arts and Sciences IX – 150 titles

With a minimum of 150 titles available by the end of 2012, the Arts & Sciences IX Collection widens JSTOR’s coverage in business and the social sciences. Journals from more than 25 countries provide outstanding international diversity, and rare materials bring unique depth to the collection, with research covering archaeology, anthropology, sociology, business, economics, population studies, and political science.

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Contents: Bibliographic/citation

Access Address: http://www.scopus.com/

User’s Guide:Download

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Access Address: http://www.cabdirect.org/ 
Content: Download
Help: Download

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Ovid LWW Total Access offers, almost 280 medical and nursing journals published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW). The LWW Total Access Collection is an expansive collection of all LWW journals available on OvidSP and that cater to your intensive medical information needs – when just a few core journals are not enough. The subjects are: Cardiology, Dermatology, Microbiology, Neurology, Nursing, Health and Diet, Oncology, Orthopedics, Genetics, Neurosurgery, Viral Science, Health Management, Pathology, Ears-Nose-Throat, Dental Surgery, Hematology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Urology, Rheumatology, Geriatrics & Gerontology and more… Access to the MEDLINE Database is freely available through the Ovid LWW interface (from 1950 to present day). Almost 300 indexed journals in MEDLINE are “Open Access Journals” and they are accessible as full text manner.
Ovid MEDLINE is the United States National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) premier bibliographic database providing information on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, allied health and pre-clinical sciences. MEDLINE offers users access to the latest author abstracts from more than 4.800 bio-medicine journals. Famous for using MeSH subject headings and indexing methods, MEDLINE allows users to search for journals from 1950 to date.

User Help: Link
Journals List:Link

Access Address:Link

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Springer Link

SpringerLink is the premier electronic data source from Springer for researchers in biomedicine, life science, clinical medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, humanities, and economics. Springer has combined two of the world’s leading research powerhouses – SpringerLink and KluwerOnline – to bring you the new SpringerLink. Home to thousands of journals and eBooks, SpringerLink is a powerful central access point for researchers and scientists.

Note: The journal archives on Business & Economics and Humanities, Social Science & Law are accessible by TUBITAK-ULAKBIM, from the publication date of each journal until the year1996.

Access Address: Link
User Help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4GIS2DbPXQ
Journals List:Link

Emerald Premier eJournal

Access Adress: Emerald Premier eJournal