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Aim of the Program:

The goal of the Bioengineering doctorate program is to train confident, experienced academicians who have actually participated in important national and international bioengineering projects. In this regards we aim for the students to be trained as academicians who can provide solutions with new technologies to problems encountered in our society and the whole world especially in fields of cancer, microbiology and environment.

The Biotechnology Research Centre is a part of our University for the purpose of accelerating national and societal research and development by developing international projects. With its staff who are experienced in their field and who have conducted important research, BRC conducts joint projects and plans new projects with prestigious international universities (Imperial College London and University of Oxford). In this regard, students joining our doctorate program will be able to participate in these programs and improve themselves. This way they will be not only well informed and experienced in their fields but also benefit our society by working on real projects.

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