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Turkish Language and Literature

Aim of the Program:

The purpose of the programme is to prepare students wishing to undertake a PhD programme by helping them to develop their analyzing and paraphrasing abilities and the ability to gain information by doing scientific research. In a thesis programme, there are two compulsory courses (of not less than 21 credits), seven main courses, five elective courses, a seminar and a thesis. The selection of students’ courses will allow specialization in the fields of the Science of Folk Literature, of Old Turkish Literature, of Modern Turkish Literature or of the Turkish Language. Non-credit seminar courses and thesis work are assessed as either ‘successful’ or ‘unsuccessful’. Students must register to undertake the thesis-based course at the beginning of the third term [semester] in the course that takes four terms [semesters].

Since 2008-2009 there has been a quota for the above courses depending on the number of students signing up for each one of the courses in Turkish Language and Literature, Linguistics of Faculty of Science and Literature; the Turkish Language and Literature, Department of Turkish Education of Faculty of Education.

Academic Program (Turkish)