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Tourism and Hospitality Management

Aim of the Program:

Cyprus International University, Tourism and Hotel Management Post Graduate Program aims to train its students to be the foremost human resource in tourism and hospitality businesses (ex. Lodging, airlines, tour operators, travel agencies, restaurants etc.) and other sectors by providing a quality education.

 Within the Tourism and Hotel Management Post Graduate Program there are courses on the working principles and general work philosophy of tourism and hospitality sector as well as management classes that focus on tourism and hospitality sector. The way for countries and institutions to attain sustainable development is through having quality human resources. Our modern curriculum is prepared in order to educate our students as individuals responsive to natural, socio-cultural and economic resources, technological advances and international and local tendencies in the tourism sector. Armed with systematic and scientific management methods, they can pursue their goals of being  successful employees, managers and employers of the future more confidently.

Academic Program (Thesis)

Academic Program (Non-Thesis)