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Interior Architecture

Aim of the Program:

The Interior Architecture Department covers that area between the disciplines of architecture and environmental design. Despite the increase in the number of institutions offering undergraduate training in this field, the number of graduate courses in the world is limited. The needs of and demands for living accommodation for education, culture, entertainment, commerce and industry show a continuous call for developments in technology and in cultural developments. The reuse of existing buildings supports sustainability and the economy. There needs to be analysis in order to convert the function of a building that incorporates formal issues. Our undergraduate education in this area requires the input from experts and lecturers educated within this discipline.

The Master Course in Interior Architecture aims to transfer our country’s architectural history and multicultural heritage to the next generation by protection, documentation and evaluation and produce educators, researchers and practitioners who can compete at an international level.

The Course places special importance on spatial design disciplines, environmental protection and restoration plus interior furniture applications. The Master Course requires a thesis to be written added to core studio courses and work on part of the research thesis.

Academic Program