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Goal: The main goal of The Master Program of Economics in Cyprus International University is preparing a powerful fundamental education in the theory of economics, applied economics, going deep in econometric area, specializing in various fields of practice and preparing necessary equipment for the students who are interested in having careers in private sector, bureaucracy and banking and finance sector. The English Master Program of Economics’ target group is the students who are interested in the worldwide economic improvements and who reconciled with mathematics and numerical methods.

The targets of the program: Theoretical and specially applied courses in the program ensure the students who are interested in working in economical world of careers or researching in governmental research institutes as an expert economist. And a fundamental infrastructure will be given for the students who are interested to continue their education in PhD. After finishing the Master program, the student can apply for the Higher Education Institute’s related PhD programs based on the defined conditions and they will be taken in consideration for admission.

The Mission of the Program: The mission of the program is to prepare the students who finished their bachelor education in the field, for the matters of economics, to give them a flexible high level of perspective and make them capable for taking part in global competitions.

The vision of the Program: The vision of the program is to become aware of the early requirements, to have a problem and critical thinking skills, to create information production processes at the field in the best way for being the leader and one of the most preferred programs in TRNC for the applied master students.